From Recognizing Covaxin (COVID-19) Vaccine Today to Inviting South-East Nations to G7 Summit, Know what’s New in the UK

In the last few weeks of this month, the UK recognized many coronavirus vaccines in their approved list of medications. People with the Covaxin vaccine can travel to or within the UK from November 22. British High Commissioner Alex Ellis tweeted about this. This means India’s one of the two common vaccines, Covaxin is on the approved list of the UK. Those who jabbed with Covaxin can travel to the UK and need not self-isolate themselves after arriving in the UK.

They can travel to any part of the UK if they are vaccinated with Covaxin — a Bharat’s Biotech vaccine. The second most popular vaccine in India — Covishield was added to the UK’s approved list in October. High commissioner Alex Ellis added that people who are vaccinated with any medication recognized by WHO for Emergency Use Listing will be approved in the UK too. People, who are jabbed by these vaccines, need not self-isolate themselves when arriving or travelling in the UK.

The government of the UK added that it would boost the travel industry and help travellers to travel smoothly. Further, with Covaxin, the UK added Sinopharm and Sinovac from China to their approved list of medications.

Amid Aukus Tensions — South-East Nations Invited by the UK to the G7 Summit

For the next month Liverpool’s G7 meeting of foreign ministers, the UK invites South-East nations to the summit. This will highlight the new alliance related to a nuclear arms race between the US, Britain and Australia.

In the next month, the UK will host the G7 Summit of Foreign and Development Ministers of the G7 nations. UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will be there to welcome the nation’s representatives from the US, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Italy, and the EU from December 10–12.

Holding the Presidency of G7, the UK will host the second in-person gathering of the G7 Foreign Ministers this year after May’s meeting in London. Countries from the South-East Nations will also attend the G7 Summit for the first time. The attendance from the countries, including Australia, South Korea, India, and South Africa will be present at the Summit in December.

Ministers of the Foreign and Development will be there to discuss the global issues, such as economic resilience post-Covid, human rights, and health issues. This will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase the best of culture and creativity from the UK, Liz Truss added.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be talking about the push for vaccination in the world to stay safe from the pandemic. In addition, discussions over ‘one earth, one health’ will be there at the G7 summit.




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